Apr 202011

I have fond memories of Future Fest 1.  Me and my good friend GergWerk were at the first one, and we had a blast.  Two days of mostly good music.  We stayed in a swanky hotel close to the airport in Austin, and apparently we weren’t the only ones.

Future Fest

On our way out of the hotel to the party, we shared an elevator with a group of people apparently arguing over weather it was ok to go to the same party wearing a plain white t-shirt.   We get in the elevator, and suddenly its very quiet and a little tense.   Out of nowhere, somebody utters “future fest?”  To the best of my recollection, Gerg answered “yep!”  Which was promptly followed by, “See, I told you a white t-shirt was ok!”

There were all kinds of people, from all kinds of places.  Most of whom were looking for some attention in a crowd of people out for the same thing.  We heard a lot of good music, and Gerg even got a picture of him with DJ Dan.  Who, coincidently, is one of the DJ’s i like to see again most.

But none of that really matters. The unofficial lineup that i have uncovered can be found HERE.  What matters is that Future Fest 2011 is scheduled for July 30th.  I’ve been searching for a dj lineup, but so far have been mostly unsuccessful.

But, tickets are on sale.   If you are a party kid, or just want to see 30,000 party kids packed in to a huge venue, you can get tickets HERE.   You can check MassiveIntent.com for updates, but be aware, they are showing the Spring Love festival right now.   Im assuming that after Spring Love, they will start announcing the lineup for Future Fest.

When the lineup is announced, you can be assured that i’ll post all the goods here.

*** UPDATE ***

So its now May 3rd, and there is still no lineup posted anywhere that i can find.  In fact, the link to the tickets is also dead.   Im starting to wonder if this thing is still happening.   I’ll keep you guys posted as best i can.

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